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                                       Group Lessons Programs

 Price & options: 

 *Summer Time 


Group Session :

12 Weeks Program (12 sessions one hour a week) $1200                            


Options :
Private Lesson:
$250 (NYC ) 
$150/participant (NYC)

 Private Lesson in NJ $170


* No individual make up sessions can be offered.
If an entire session is canceled due to unusual circumstances(e.g. inclement weather), a make up session will be 
rescheduled for the whole group.
CANCELLATIONS & MAKEUPS: 12 hour notice is required in order to be granted a make up session. If you cancel after the 12 hour window, you will be charged as if you attended class and will not receive a make up. The 1st week after programs are over will be designated to make ups. Makeup schedule will be announced on June 1st.

In order to open new  group in your Tennis club or Gym:
 We need a min of 4 players , and max of 10 players with commitment for 12 weeks for Group practice.


Print the Voucher and get  referral discount!

Refer a friend and get Private Training $20 OFF,

Group practice 10% OFF                                              

Attention  players and coaches:

Referral commission is 10% (for the first 12 weeks)

Print the Voucher Here

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