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                   PHILGYM-Dear Tennis Players forget all your illusions!
Start working hard and you'll start climbing up the rankings like Philgym Academy students  Dudi Sela (Top-29ATP), Anna Chakvetadze (Top-5WTA), Elina Svitolina (Top-14WTA) and more... Being an athlete is the secret of success in tennis and a top athlete is the one you should be working with if you want to become one, so what are you waiting for? Come to the the stadium and we'll start working!!!
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The Philgym Academy 

is specializing on the enhancement of strength, agility, sport specific speed and endurance. 

Students of Philgym Academy participate in a game specific training program that systematically targets the needs of the sport and the individual weaknesses. 

Whether you are an amateur or professional, young or experienced player, you will be able to discover the secrets of the revolutionary speed and agility training programs custom-tailored to your individual needs. The skills learned while training will allow you to excel in sports like: track & field, football, basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis, and golf.

                                          Program Descriptions:

  Speed Training
This program focuses on overall speed and agility training while developing correct technique to enhance outcomes. 

  Strength Training
This program focuses on gaining power 
by utilizing customized and sport-specific plyometric exercises. 


  Proprioception & Flexibility Training
This program is designed to enhance your ability to control 
Sport-specific skills at high speeds and under the pressure of the game. In addition exploiting sport specific flexibility training to augment utilization of sport-specific range of motion.

Locations :

1) Soccer field, Roosevelt Alley, Palisades Park, NJ 07650, USA   (Summer Time).

2) Central Park East Meadow Manhattan (Summer Time In Winter Time GYM  1477 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10028 )


3) West Rock Nanuet NY

4) Riverdale Tennis Center Bronx NY (Winter Time Cary Leeds Tennis Center  Bronx NY)

5) Old Bridge NJ 

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