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Honestly, there's NO BETTER OPPORTUNITY to improve the nutrition of your cells, and from there your well being, your weight, your sports performance -whatever you needs are- and especially ensure your long-term health.


Herbalife products are not some "new wonder juice" from Tibet or the Amazon. It's a whole nutritional concept with almost three decades of research and experience,  tens of millions of users, backed by a team of doctors and scientists like no other company has.


Maybe you feel you already have a better *business*, but trust me, you couldn't have better nutritional supplements. Try them and you too will thank me :-)


You've nothing to lose and much to gain. 


If you live in the US you can go to:


And where it says "Please enter your Sponsor ID's information"


Enter the number and the initials you see in bold:


Sponsor's Herbalife ID Number:  10Y0812645


First 3 Letters of Sponsor's Last Name:    F a i  


From there on,  just follow the instructions. For just around $ 80, in a few days you'll receive at home the basic Business Pack with your first products. If you want to develop the business, great. If not, just enjoy being a "discount customer", buying your supplements at a discount between 25% and 50%.


I'll be here to help you along with whatever are your goals. If it's only living a healthier life, I will be fulfilling my mission.


If you live in any other country, please contact me:


Thanks, and congratulations :-)

































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